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How to Register the Amazon Affiliate Program

How to Register the Amazon Affiliate Program
You've probably heard before a lot of is the largest and most popular retail sites in America which sells a wide range of products are very complete, such as books, software, electronics to household appliances. Amazon also provides an affiliate program with commission system. The major downside to the Amazon affiliate program is that the commission rates are often quite low and can range from between 2% to 15%.
Amazon Affiliate program is an online marketing affiliate program where you can earn money by promoting Amazon products on your website. Amazon affiliate enables web publishers to display ads to generate traffic to Amazon's online store, the basic idea being development of business to Amazon through third party sites. Users visiting your wesbite will browse through various Amazon advertisements on your Website. This way, you need to increase traffic to Amazon and you will get paid based upon the amount of users that you refer to Amazon each month. Affiliates promotes Amazon products with text links, banners, and astore tools. In turn, affiliates get paid for driving new users as well as additonal commission for special products.
To start running a business affiliation in the Amazon we have to register first, but the problem is when opening the website. Most beginners do not know how to sign up for Amazon Affiliate Program. This is because the navigation system for affiliates or associates located called confusing. Lets take a quick look at
how to sign up to the affiliate program

You can follow the steps registration process as follows:

1. Click here :
2. Join Now Free
3. Type your email address and choose the option

Sign up Amazon

4. Click the "Sign in using our secure server"
5.  Fill in data such as in the picture below

Register Data

6. Click "Create Account"
7.  Fill in data such as in the picture below

8.  Next, Fill in data your website profile.
9. Type the name of your blog/web.
10. Type your blog URL address (eg
11. Select the up-down menus that match your blog topic.
12.  Fill in appropriate topic of your blog and Amazon products you want to promote on your blog.
13. Select the appropriate type of your blog.
14. Contract Terms": Click on the small box next to the sentence "You agree to the terms and conditions of the Associates Operating Agreement. 
15. Click Finish, Observe and record (if necessary) Associates ID you at the sentence "Your unique Associates ID is".XXXXXXXXX-20"
Thank you for applying to the Associates Program

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